WalkingPad X21 Double-Foldable Treadmill



King Smith WalkingPad

Quality Double-Folding Design


Fast folding, no setup required NFC human-machine interaction
Easy to change speed

Innovative folding Technology

digital display panel

Infinitely variable speed control

NFC pairing

IoT smart connectivity

Multiple shock absorbers

Every step towards a smarter future. Basic technologies protect your health Our R&D team, with USTC background and 82 patented technologies, performed an innovative and remarkable successful work.

Exercise frenzy covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world More scientific exercise concept and better product experience for global users

Simple life and innovative storage experience Bi-folding design, occupying less than 0.16m2, only two steps to store

New folding art, thin body that allows repeated folding Beyond the existing 180° folded form, the thin body that enables 90-degree repeated folding, reveals innovative technology.

Enjoy free running and changing speed easily 0.5 -12km/h multi speed setting allows you to adjust your running speed in real time according to your running situation.

NFC pairing brings you Excellent experience NFC touch smart sensor allows easy network deployment, direct access to interactive interface of treadmill movement, real-time updates and visualization of mobile phone and treadmill data.

Industrial aesthetic design experience, hidden LED digital display Integrated panel design, when stationary, only shows the surface of the machine with perfect appearance, but LED digital display data after starting.

Carefree running at home, Intelligent designed special APP Special intelligent APP, together with a large number of running tutorial courses, allows setting personal running schedule and recording exercise data, thus enabling scientific exercise for fat burning.

Home-based star-level track with intimate strength configuration It has a four-layer professional running track structure, thus providing a more harmonious safer exercise.

Home-based star-level track with intimate strength configuration It has a four-layer professional running track structure, thus providing a more harmonious safer exercise. 460×1210mm Wide running area Non-slip and antistatic treadmill Wear layer Eva cushion layer Medium density fiber running board

Free running upstairs, quiet floor downstairs High efficiency brush motor, constant power output, 75dB noise at full speed no load test run, full energy operation without worrying about disturbing the downstairs neighbors 1HP 75dB Increased horsepower Full speed power and no load

No setup, ready in one go, perfect for urban wellness Integrative design for worry-saving; open the box and use

More creative design, more focus on details

Product Name: King Smith WalkingPad
English Name: King Smith WalkingPad
Product Model: TRX21F
Color: Space Gray Rated Voltage: 220V~
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Motor Type: Brushless Rated
Power: 918W
Speed ​​Weight: 0.5-12km/h
Panel: Acrylic
Body Material: ABS+aluminium alloy
Panel: Oled scren
Other: Functions User-defined speed limit, Overload protection, Automatic standby, Child lock operation Max Payload 110kg Back Height 96mm Running Area 460*1210(mm) Unfolded Size 1420*720*1020 (mm) Folded
6 Dimensions 710*955*226(mm)






15 Şubat Kargoya Teslim, Aynı Gün Kargo (Haftaiçi)


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