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Walkingpad MC21 Foldable Walking and Treadmill


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Walkingpad MC21 Foldable Treadmill

Innovative Foldability | Walk Or Run Synchronized Silent Brushless Motor Adjustable Speed
​​With Ks-fit Application

Double Folding Feature

Pedal Angleable and Foldable Handle

By depressing the pedal, lift the handle and open the running platform to start running.

Ultra Compact and Lightweight

Takes up less space unlike conventional treadmills Can be folded in
two | Covering less than 0.15 m2

Auto Accelerate or Decelerate

While walking on your Treadmill, it automatically accelerates when you come to the front in automatic mode. It will automatically slow down as you move towards the rear.


Multiple Intelligent Control Mechanism

You can easily change the speed of your treadmill from the touch screen on the handle, with the remote or via the KS-Fit application.

Completely designed for you!




15 Şubat Kargoya Teslim


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