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WalkingPad A1 PRO Foldable Walking Band – Global Version

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Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction

Aluminum alloy overall structure and design improve the stability and load-bearing capacity of the walking belt; provides durability. It is also very easy to carry and store thanks to the lightweight aluminum alloy material.

Slim Platform Design

For walking mechanism use When placed, the distance between the walking platform and the floor is 57 mm. In this way, the height of the walking platform and the noise generated during movement are reduced.

Hidden LED Light Group

Hidden under ABS panel Exercise on LED Light Band all your data during you can see.

Comfortable Walking Experience

Strong grip, comfort, elasticity, WalkingPad, which acts as a track with its cushioning features, is comfortable. gives the feeling of walking and comfortably allows work.

Ease of Use and Storage

Use it, fold it, hide it! Thanks to the 180-degree foldable design, the storage space of your treadmill is halved. of the treadmill with two cylinders at the bottom movement becomes easier.

Adaptive Cruise Control

WalkingPad Treadmill, new M steady motion for beginners mode and appeal to experienced athletes Being an Auto A frame mode It offers two different options.

More Powerful and Quieter Engine

 A1 Pro yepyeni bir fırçasız motor ile donatılmış olup daha stabil çalışma ve egzersiz sırasında gürültüyü bastırma konusunda daha güçlüdür. WalkingPad’in yük kapasitesi, dayanıklılık ve kararlılık kapsamlı bir şekilde geliştirilmiştir. Düşük gürültülü motoru ile yapacağaınız egzersizler komşularınızı ve etrafınızdakileri etkilemez.

Count every step in your life!

Regular data monitoring is key to making a walking program plan successful. WalkingPad allows you to progress by displaying steps, distance, calories, walking speed and time. Improvements in Bluetooth technology allow our users to experience better in our WalkingPad APP.

Foldable and Easily Storeable

Walkingpad Yürüme bandı için evinizde herhangi bir alan ayırmanıza gerek yok. Rahatça katlanabilir ve kolayca istediğiniz yere taşıyarak muhafaza edebilirsiniz.

Walking While Working

Take a walk while doing easy tasks like reading documents or answering calls.
WalkingPad, a company’s employees’ fitness challenge can be challenging to competitors. The WalkingPad walking treadmill can match almost any standing desk (width over 21.5”) on the market. Walking while working is a more effective way to improve an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Quiet, robust and smooth walking performance allows you to walk around the office without disturbing anyone.


Box contentsWalkingPad A1 Pro
Remote Control
Power Cord
Hexagon L Switch
Silicone Oil
EN-EN User Manual
CompatibilityKS-Fit or WalkingPad App
Apple iOS 9 or later
Android 4.4 or later
ConnectionBluetooth 5.1
Color & Material– Anthracite Gray
– Lightweight Aluminum Alloy structure
– IML Panel Sandblast Texture
DimensionsHeight: 12.90 cm (5.08 inches)
Width: 54.70 cm (21.54 inches)
Height: 143.20 cm (56.38 inches)
Folded SizesHeight: 12.90 cm (5.08 inches)
Width: 54.70 cm (21.54 inches)
Height: 82.20 cm (28.19 inches)
Walking Area

Width: 41 cm
Length: 120 cm

Box Dimensions:Height: 69 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 89 cm
Speed ​​RangeMinimum:      0.5 km/s
Maksimum:      6 km/s
Multiple Protection:– Child Lock Protection
– Overload Protection
– 10 Minute Auto Standby
– Beginner Speed ​​Limit Protection
Exercise Mode:Just Walking
Weight Capacity105 kg
Weight:28 kg
Package Weight:31 kg
HandleSold as optional
Motor1.25 Hp Brushless Motor
(Longer life and quieter motor technology)
Warranty Period24 Months – Megabit Bilişim A.Ş. Turkey Official Distributor Guaranteed


WalkingPad uses the motto of light sports and light life. It protects your form regardless of the environment. It offers an excellent fitness solution to contribute to your health.


You can download the KS-Fit app from Google Play or Apple Store.

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