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The WalkingPad foldable treadmill you bought from our store connects with the WalkingPad application via bluetooth, not the Mi Home application.


After downloading the WalkingPad application, the steps you need to do are as follows.

1-If your application has been downloaded in Chinese, when you click on the blue Chinese text at the top right, the language options will appear. Here you can select English.

2- If the application language has already been downloaded in English, press the "Sign Up" button at the bottom and enter your e-mail address and a password you will set from the menu that opens.

3- After you become a member, a confirmation e-mail and link will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. You need to verify your e-mail address by clicking the link in that e-mail. If you have not received any mail in the inbox of your e-mail address, we recommend that you also check the Junk box or the Spam box.

4- After clicking the link in the verification e-mail, you can log in to the application by entering your e-mail address and password.

After logging into the WalkingPad application, connect your device to electricity, turn on the device with the on/off button on the back, then press the "Connect Device" text on the application screen and wait for the device to be found. After the name of the device is written, you can connect the device to your phone by pressing the Connect button.

In order to increase the maximum speed of your WalkingPad folding treadmill to 6km/h, you need to download the “WalkingPad” application from the Appstore or Playstore, become a member, then log in to the application and connect the device to the phone by saying “Connect Device” through your phone application. After connecting, you can enter the menu at the top right and set the maximum speed to 6 km/h from Preferences->Max Speed. After making this change once, you can now accelerate your device to this speed with the remote.

If no device is found in the application after pressing the Connect Device button in the application, go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and check whether your device is paired with the WalkingPad from here. If there is a pairing with Walkingpad here, remove the pairing and search again from within the application. This way the problem will be solved.

If the device does not respond even though you press the buttons of the remote of the device, make sure that the battery of the remote is fully charged and that it is inserted correctly. If it is a properly installed and fully charged battery, try to connect it again by performing the following operations.

1- Turn the device off and on again.

2- When the WAIT message appears on the screen of the device after turning it on, press the Mode change button of your remote 6-8 times quickly. When a beep sound is received from the device, it will be understood that the device is connected with the remote control.

Since the products purchased from our store are the global version, the socket inputs are compatible with Germany. No converter is needed. The user manual of the product is not in Chinese, but in Germany and English. The Chinese manual is available for Chinese version products.

For the WalkingPad R1 Pro model, you can download the “KS Fit” application from the App Store or Play Store and pair it with your device from within the application.

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