İptal ve İade Politikası

Return Policy
How do I return the products I purchased?
In case you are not satisfied with the products you have ordered for any reason, you must inform us of your request in writing or orally within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the products for a refund or product change.

If your refund meets the following conditions, you can send it back so that the shipping costs belong to you. You can contact us to take advantage of the discount of the cargo company we have contracted for your shipments.

In your returns, you must send the product in the original packaging with the original invoice.

The return process is carried out by the way you paid for your products within 14 (fourteen) days following the receipt of your products by us. The reflection of the refund of your credit and debit card depends on the bank’s procedures, but under normal conditions it takes 2-5 business days. As long as this he cannot intervene.

No exchange or refund can be made without submitting the invoice. On the other hand, for invoices issued on behalf of the company, exchange or refund can be made with the return invoice of the purchasing company.

What are the Return and Exchange Conditions?

The products must be returned together with the original box and packaging.

The original box / packaging of the products has been damaged, used, damaged, missing, damaged as a result of use, the return of products that cannot be purchased by another customer is not accepted.

It is absolutely impossible to return and exchange destroyed, used, unboxed products that lack an invoice, warranty certificate and accessories.

Your written or oral refund request prior to the return you need to forward it to. You can create your refund requests from our Cancellation–Refund–Exchange page.

The invoice of the product you want to return must be sent to us after the fields related to the return are filled in completely and signed.

The shipping fee is paid by you for return transactions.

You can send it as “Counter-Paid” with Yurtiçi Kargo, the cargo company with which we have an agreement on exchange transactions. For “Paid Against” shipments received outside of Yurtiçi Kargo company, the shipping fee is paid by you.

Can I Return Damaged or Defective Products?

When receiving your products, be sure to check that they are complete and intact. The cargo officer will get a signature stating that you have received your products completely and intact. If there is any missing or damaged products in your products, you should make a report to the cargo authority by not receiving these products. The exchange of these products will be carried out within 14 (fourteen) days and no additional shipping or product fee will be charged from you for the October exchange.

You must contact us in writing or verbally for a defective or damaged product that was received unnoticed at the time of delivery. A photo showing the damage or defect of the product may be requested from you. If it is determined that the defect is not caused by the consumer as a result of the examinations, the product or part exchange process will be performed. Together with the product to be replaced, the original invoice and the return fields contained in the invoice must be filled in completely and sent to us.

What should I do if the missing or Wrong product has been sent?

If there are missing products or parts in your order, you should inform the cargo authority about this situation and ask them to take notes before taking delivery of other products or parts and signing for the missing products or parts. If the product is not the product you ordered, you should not receive this product and you should indicate this in writing on the delivery note.

Your return and exchange requests related to your products and products to us you can transmit it over.

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